A harsh land of mountains, rocky terrain, and desert. The technology of this planet is at the Futuristic Level. Kronus is inhabited largely by Orc, Goblins, Kobolds, and Ratfolk. Humans, and Elves are the minority here.



The jungles of Ra’Virr are beautiful and dangerous. These deep rainforest-eque enviroments are accented by Aetherite spires that crashed into the planet millennium ago as a meteor altering the atmospheric properties of this primordial world, as a result the flora has grown to massive proportions and have even taken on a sort of sentience and the savage fauna have flourished being able to rapidly alter their physiology, evolving to have sharper claws, deadlier poisons and even grow new appendages outright. The deadly jungles are also host now to a set of ancient drakes known as the Council of Wyrms who were previously expatriated from their prior homeworld. These drakes act as patrons to the intelligent races of Ra’virr allowing them to build their societies in close vicinity to their nests, acting as natural deterrent for most beasts and opposing tribes. Known to outsiders the Scalebound. The different tribes of Ra’Virr jockey for control of resources with themselves, outsiders, and the land itself. The technology on this planet is scarce. Ra’Virr is inhabited by Catfolk, Wyvaran, Reptoids and Drow Elves. Humans inhabit no part of this planet.


Running hundred of kilometers deep, the Ocean planet of Trimere holds treasure and secrets unknown those who don’t have fins. The major races of Trimere have come together to make settlements above ground for interplanetary relations, though their major capitals remain hidden in the deep. Technology here is at the Advanced level. Trimere is inhabited by Merfolk, Undine, and Aquatic Elves. Humans inhabit the surface to a small degree.


The main garrison of the Empire and Capital of the galaxy. This moon sized space station is a melting pot of various races and cultures. The technology here is Foremost in the Galaxy. Any race could be found here.



This Peninsula planet is home to the Vethieri (Demi-humans), the distant descendants of the greatest culture of the First Age. They are a nation of naturalistic, benevolent villages with a common ruling family. The Vethieri hold their land more for the purposes of protecting nature than for need of resources, but they are friendly to all those who would respect the land. The technology of this planet is Low Tech. Rom’Andor is inhabited by Grippili, Kitsune, Tieflings, Sylph, and Vanara.


Necrogea is a highly industrial planet covered with immense factories, sealed living habitats, streams of superheated run-off water, rough-hewn quarry pits, vast debris fields, and toxic lakes. Most of the planet’s residents live in sealed environments near industrial facilities where they worked with tunnels connecting living areas with work bays, storage hangars and infrastructure units. The technology on this planet is Futuristic. The races that inhabit this planet are Humans, Goblins, Ratfolk, and Kobolds. A few other races can be found here in the minority

Taladar (Sundered)


Once the heart of the galaxy, Taladar was a sanctuary for those who sought enlightenment. Previous homeworld to insectiod race the Shirren Taladar is naught but a husk of its former self.

Akiton (aka Warmoon)

Akiton used to be a shared world between the Orcs and the Vesk it was a hostile battle obsessed den of savages, where the bravest and strongest warriors of galaxy go to test their skills in combat and part in the blood sport know as the Culling. Centuries later not much has changed combatants still come from far and wide to kill or be killed and no combatant is more savage than Golgor the Annihilator, 14 time reigning champion in the Death-Ring on Akiton, which is now broadcasting commercially to all planets in the system . Challengers compete in a no holds barred slaughterfest, hacking their way through their opponents eventualy facing up against Golgor himself for a grand prize and title of The Annihilator. Akiton is not currently part of the Galactic Unification Treaty, due to its lack of formal government and primarily commercial nature.


The majority of icy planets went through a period of being barren terrestrials, before being surfaced with ice over the course of many millennia. The exact process for this varies from case to case, but the end result is both common and visually uniform – a bright, reflective planet scored by countless fractures and crevasses. A few icy planets are hypothesized to have been warmer, liquid-bearing planets in the past that have subsequently frozen, as a result of either stellar cooling or failed terraforming projects. Triaxus is the latter of the two.


A planetary penal colony created by the empire in order keep the most dangerous of criminals locked away from the rest of the galaxy.



The Current Prime-Elven homeworld, extremely rich in Aetherite this planet emits a pinkish hue, after being convinced to abandon their previous homeworld of Coirëa-Cea, the Prime-Elven took refuge on the ancient lands of Chielax a planet whose prior inhabitants had long since gone extinct leaving behind a wealth of knowledge on the once thought lost teleportation sorceries, which the Elves now study proudly as the sole practitioners of this ancient art.
Prime-Elves are the sole inhabitants of this world.



A desert world which is orbited by two suns that shroud the plane in perpetual daylight, catering to the Reptilian denizens of this planet, but causing the humans who settled here millennia ago to undergo some evolutionary adaptations. Home to the two separate civilizations of Naktar and Luxa the indigenous people have on been the brink of war for centuries due to a long unsettled blood fued.
While the Nagaji are the most common race on Naktamun, the Vishkanya and Lizardfolk have also found a place here acting as a sort of intermediary between the two civilizations.


Aratan was catalogued by freelance Human prospectors and colonized by an expedition from the Empire several years later. Aratan formed the eighth of the thirteen core worlds of the Empire. Although Araratan was always a backwater colony compared to its more prosperous sister planet, Chau Sara, its raw materials and potential for the mining industry was seen as a key strategic asset. Aratan’s populace consists of a mix of former space explorers and soldiers, along with a couple of religious types who didn’t agree with the Advent limits of tolerance for other faiths and interbreeding. Interbreeding with outsiders was seen as a taboo in the early days of exploration, to the point where those with outsider blood were shunned from society, left abandoned on desolate worlds and in some cases banished to the Outer Dark by Advent clerics. As such some Demi-humans took refuge on Ataran hoping to forge a new life free of Advent persecution. Now making up the populace majority are races such as Sylph, Aasimar and Teiflings though some Humans do still remain.



An ancient world, its origin lost to the mists of time, Verdus’ entire landmass is now one vast, primeval forest. How long ago the Koyasil rose from the gloomy, silent woodlands is uncertain, but most historians who have studied the species of the galaxy place them as one of the oldest. In the depths of the forest, a sense of timelessness reigns supreme, and it is said a fallen tree will lay undisturbed for millennia, its very fabric becoming another layer of the forest.


Homeworld to the Avariel, Tyto and Sarcesians formed by the conglomeration of asteroids over the past few millennia. Emeria is a tumultuous planet of wild aether, unstable weather, and floating terrain, Emeria is a world of incomparable natural beauty and danger. The plane is wracked by volatile seismic movements known as “the Roil.” because of this most denizens of planet have evolved flight appendages and taken to the sky to avoid the volatile surface.



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