“Great Uniter, Emperor, Ordained by Heaven, Inspiration of Faith and Safeguard of Justice, Praise with Great Praisings! May the Light of Your Wisdom and the Glory of your Reign Illuminate this Humble Work of Hand and Heart!”-Greathelm Credo

The Imperial Army of Asylon headed by Tauras Ebberon. They are nigh unbeatable in combat and feared throughout the galaxy.

The Shattered Soul


“Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken. In great deeds, something abides. On great fields, something stays. Forms change and pass; bodies disappear; but spirits linger, to light their footsteps on the path to greatness”.-The Great Uniter.

An elite unit of soldiers under service to the Empire. Once heralded as the greatest of their kind their skills and reputation transcend time itself.

The Lawbringers


“We are guided by the light of his word, and truth of his vision. May the path we walk lead to peace everlasting.”-Captain Torren May. 2894 E.D

A non-military sect of the Empires forces focused on keeping the peace among all Empire controlled parts of space, by any means necessary. While not as vast in size or mighty as the Greathelm, the Lawbringers are specialists sent in units of 2-3 capable still of defeating the most dangerous of foes.

The House of Flame


“From the shadows, we whisper the glory of fire. So great is its power and yet so humble it is, that it should bend to our will. Give Praise to the Everflame which has burned for 1000 mortal lifetimes that it should burn 1000 more.”-Grand Magus Troonak; The Infernal Script

A group of candid magic-users devoted to the art of pyromancy, as well as shadier dealings and darker magic. Though no action goes unseen by the Emperor he allows them to go about the their dealings unregulated due to their service to the Empire.

The Seekers


The Seekers are a faction of explorers and scientists dedicated to discovery and analysis of new worlds and species across the galaxy, headed by the First Seeker who is selected each year(Asylon time) through a galactic science expo at the Lorespire Complex. The current First Seeker is Luwazi Elsebo.

The Gilded Dynamo

A new group of Magi-technicians formed in the pursuit of the advancement and research of new magics and future technologies.

The Scourge of Taladar

A band of ruthless rebels formed of the surviving races of Taladar. Bitter and vengeful against the Empire they will stop at nothing to see the Galactic Unification Pact dissolved and the Empire overthrown.

The Crimson Cosmonaughts

A band of pugilists and swashbucklers that plagues the galaxy through the theft of rare technologies and ancient artifacts.

The Magisterium Eternus (Disbanded)

In the Halls of Temporum a group of engineers and sorcerers were tasked with melding the arts of magic and science. Due to reasons unknown their research was discontinued and facility shut down. All remnants of their research was deemed too dangerous for use and has since been scrapped.


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